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It’s Time to Meet Up!


On March 16th a networking event “Start Up: it’s Time to Meet Up” took place at the Ukrainian House in Warsaw. It was the first networking event organized for migrant entrepreneurs as a platform for networking, sharing experience and expert knowledge for foreigners living in Warsaw, who develop their startups in Poland or willing to start their business here.

During the meeting the entrepreneurs shared their experience in setting up their start-ups not only as far as the initial idea and the bureaucratic procedures were concerned, but also from the perspective of their multicultural experience. Maja, Krystina and Darya talked about the challenges that they had faced on their way to success in a foreign country.

Each story was moving and full of passion, but also included specific information, precise suggestions, pieces of advice and valuable knowledge for all people who dream about setting up their own business, for example: how much time it took to carry out the idea, what was the most difficult part when it came to the documents required from migrants (opening the right bank account, bureaucratic procedures, official matters, etc.), and what mistakes could be avoided while creating one’s own brand. The ladies also told us where they found their initial capital and how they promoted their products. They shared their plans for the future as well.

During the meeting the guests received a lot of questions and comments from the audience, who were curious about various details and aspects of business activity in the field of gastronomy and beyond. The questions and answers session ended with a networking part, during which all guests had the opportunity not only to talk to the entrepreneurs in person, but also to try the Oh my Goji brand sweets.

Read interview with Maja Wanot, Majeczko brand

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The meeting is organized in the frames of the project “Migrant Entrepreneurs in V4 countries: Regional Dimensions of Startup Cooperation”. The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund.