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“START UP: good communication and interpersonal relations in the company”


On June 27, the meeting “START UP: good communication and interpersonal relations in the company” took place at University of Warsaw Inkubator, Coworking space hub. Invited guests of the meeting were Pablo Campos, owner of PABLOSLAM BT company, Oleh and Inna Yarovi, the owners of Dobro&Dobro Café and Paweł Konkiel, business coach,  Tax Care foundation.

 “Be your own boss” – story of Pablo from Chile

“I am CEO, producer and cleaning-lady at PABLOSLAM. I don’t have a boss, I am my own boss” –  this is how he started presentation about his start-up.

Pablo Campos was born in Chile, when he was a little boy his family moved to Venezuela. He decided to study graphic design and then worked for several years in Venezuela in big advertisements companies such as Saatchi&Saatchi. Several years ago, he moved to Hungary to Budapest and worked there in similar corporations. However, occupying even high positions such as creative director, Pablo did not feel satisfaction from what he was doing. Therefore he took a decision to start his own business.

Being a graphic designer and a film maker, Pablo created a company which produces  digital, animation and films for the clients. He confesses that it was very hard at the beginning to start own business in the other country, lot of paper  work made him look for a help. So he found the external advisor company which helped him to manage all the issues related to the registration,  fulfilling formal requirements and other details with his business to starts.

Sharing his experience in running own company, Pablo says that good communication skills and networking  plays crucial role in such business. However, his considerable experience in big corporation now helps him in getting clients and new orders.

What drives him in his work is big enthusiasm, simple approach and openness  to the world. “Look at me  – I don’t take myself too serious, and I am happy with that”, – says Pablo.

“Sharing kindness – this our my cup of coffee” , – story of Oleh and Inna from Ukraine

They own the most little café in Poland. This is confirmed even by the Book of Records of Poland. Total surface of their café is no more than 6 square meters. However in the tiniest place one can have the finest coffee.

Oleh and Inna Yarovi came to Warsaw two and a half years ago from Kyiv. In the capital of Ukraine they both worked in the advertisement companies and know very well how to attract clients and to promote the brand. However, as they both said this was not enough for them, they wanted to have direct communication with people and offer them something more than just a product.

Couple moved to Warsaw and decided to open the café and serve not only good coffee but  good spirit. Name of their brand  “Dobro&Dobro” translates as “Kindness&Kindness”. Apart from coffee, in this tiny place they have lot of inspiring things for their customers, like DobroBoxes, where you can leave some money to pay for someone’s else coffee and share the kindness.

“We do not serve just coffee-to-go, we build relations with our customers and want to share the values of kindness with others, to give people piece of joy” – says Inna.

The owners of Dobro&Dobro want to develop their business and they already open the franchises in other  Polish cities. However, they emphasize that “Dobro&Dobro” will never turn into network and newer loose its uniqueness.

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The meeting is organized in the frames of the project “Migrant Entrepreneurs in V4 countries: Regional Dimensions of Startup Cooperation”. The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund.