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Open Discussion: Migrant Entrepreneurs in V4 Countries: What Do We Have in Common?

Collaboration is a key factor for progress. Sometimes dazzling ideas come to mind, but more often it is the result of search, doubts, ups, and failures – all of these each startupper once experienced. As part of our discussion, we will discuss with the invited guests what is the core of us migrant enterpreneurs – people from different countries, people of different fates and histories, but with common goals. Is there something in our successful stories we all experienced? What do we have in common – problems, fears, obstacles, character features, intuition, vision or dreams?

Our discussion is organized as part of the project “Migrant entrepreneurs in V4 countries: regional dimensions of start-up cooperation” supported by Visegrad Fund. The main objective of the project is to promote the idea of migrant entrepreneurship in V4 countries by presenting successful founders and entrepreneurs in V4 regional dimension. Project is aiming to provide a platform to exchange innovative ideas and business models of micro enterprises created by foreign entrepreneurs in V4 countries.

Project’ implementing partners: Foundation Our Choice (Poland), Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary), The Human Rights League (Slovakia) and Agency for Migration and Adaptation AMIGA, z.s. (Czech Republic).

Invited guests:

Olena Sudina (Poland) – director, producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur. A migrant lifehacker from Ukraine living in Warsaw, Poland.

Pablo Campos (Hungary) – founder of PABLOSLAM BT. A migrant from Chile raised in Venezuela living in Budapest, Hungary.

Tetyana Rodnyenkova (Poland) – trainer, sociologist, coordinator of international projects on different aspects of migrant issues. Co-founder and coordinator of Ukrainian Women ‘s Club in Warsaw. Originated from Lviv (Ukraine) living in Poland.

Marcell Lorincz (Hungary) – Head of the Board. – Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary), Member of the Board of European Network Against Racism (ENAR), coordinator of the projects related to the integration of immigrants and minorities.

Moderation: Gergely Laki, Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary).

Start: Thursday, November 16th. 17:00
Adress: UP center, Bartók Béla ut. 29, Budapest
Additional information and contact via e-mail: [email protected]